How to Watch Live Sports without Cable TV

Ways to Watch Streaming Sports without Cable TV Access

Most sports fans already know that there are lots of ways to get streaming sports video delivered to TV sets, tablet devices, smart phones, etc. However, most options require subscriptions to Pay TV. For example, users can usually watch ESPN 3 without a cable subscription, but that is the network where ESPN tends to put their least possible sports.

Some sports fans wish that they could simply buy a subscription to ESPN that did not require a cable or satellite plan. However, ESPN, for example, has already come out and announced that they did not want to risk cannibalizing their pay TV subscribers by offering Internet subscriptions. I suspect that policy may change at some point in the future, but that won’t help you if you want to watch tomorrow’s game.

What are some other choices for sport broadcasts that do not require a TV plan?

Consider some websites that offer free and paid premium sports events. If you are tech savvy or have the right equipment, you can even stream these Internet sports videos right to your TV

Streaming sports websites: