Is the DirecTV Sports Package worth it?

DirecTV have a very attractive offer in the form of a sports package that has over 150 different channels. This package has all the basics covered: TNT, TBS, USA. Sports fans also get ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network and ESPN News. ESPN Classic alone comes with over 200 channels, just like the regional Fox Sports Net channel does. If you feel that this isn’t enough sports coverage for you, the Sports Pack upgrade at $12 will surely satisfy even the most die-hard sports watcher. The price may vary, that is, get even lower with other premium packages so see what offer they make you.
The DirecTV though covers all the big games. NBA, horse racing, ESPNU, CBS College Sports and even FSN. With the later though some games might not be available (blacked out) because of broadcasting agreements. If you love soccer, you’re not entirely out of luck. Even if it’s not the most popular sport in the U.S., Fox has the Fox Soccer Channel, then there’s GolTV and if you’re a Spanish speaker (if you’re a soccer fan then you already know that Spain is one of the biggest countries for soccer), Fox Sports En Espanol offers an excellent coverage of soccer games from all over the world. An add-on you can order is the Setanta Sports which, for an additional $15 a month, will give you coverage of soccer, rugby and other more European sports. However, I wouldn’t expect you to buy unless you’re really dedicated to these other sports. For the average sports watcher, DirecTV’s 220+ channels with the DirecTV Sports Package should set you back $50 per month. If you don’t care about ESPN Classic then you will be saving five dollars.What about the Dish Network Sports Package? How does it compare to DirecTV? It offers, with some slight variations, the same channels. Dish has made so that the more channels you get, the more sports you get to see. The Top 100 package gives you ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News and a couple of other channels that cover the more popular games (TNT for example). If you opt for the Top 200 package you get ESPN Classic, NFL Network, the Comcast Sports channels and, of course, the FSN channels. You also get channels from the Big Ten Network and everything that you get with the DirecTV Sports Package except for the soccer channels (yeah the U.S. doesn’t like soccer much).

However if you go with the biggest package, that is the Top 250, you will get GolTV and the Fox Soccer Channel. The Spanish package will give you Fox Sports En Espanol but it costs an additional $10. So a Top 250 package from Dish Network will set you off $55. Another option would be to get the Top 100 package with the Dish Network Multi-Sports Pack add-on. This later pack gives you many sports for just $6 per month and is the only way to get NBA TV without shelling out for the premium NBA package.

As you can see both DirecTV and Dish Network give you similar coverage for about the same price. The only question now is which one to choose? Depending on your area, you might be able to get only one of these options. But rest assured that whatever decision you make, you will get all the sports you can get, for a very reasonable (in our opinion) price.